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To promote unity in diversity
Washington, DC

An Artful Mission

What does it mean to promote unity in diversity?

I have always felt strongly about the importance of understanding people from around the world. Through a journey of understanding, I have come to realize who I am as a person and also that there is only one race — the human race. There is only one language and it is the language of the heart: LOVE. At Global Voices, we begin to speak this language through music.

We have to educate ourselves and our students, both young and old, about the many different traditions, cultures, and lifestyles that make up our wonderful world. There’s no better place to start than by exploring the instruments and voices that connect us to the rich and diverse cultures that exist around the globe. Only after this, can we REALLY begin to recognize that although there may be differences in physical appearance, beliefs and lifestyles around the world — the goal of humanity is the same. We must honor each other and the differences that define us, all of us, especially in times like these. We must strive “to live a good and just life.”

Arts Education Programs

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Artist Statement

My name is Imani, and I consider myself the embodiment of a Teaching Artist, serving learners throughout my lifetime. I feel blessed to be a professional vocalist and teaching artist for over 30 years, teaching students and collaborating with other teachers on curriculum-centered arts integration.

Whether I’m working with students in the classroom, leading professional development workshops for teachers nationally, or conducting children choirs, my life’s work has been centered around designing new and better ways to help create a new generation of creative thinkers that will contribute to the growth of holistic communities.

MY WORK FOCUSES ON THREE KEY ASPECTS OF LEARNING: developing skills in the arts, giving students a personal voice in creating and learning, and building community and civic responsibility, either through the classroom or an entire ensemble. I create a curriculum that is accessible to all students to ensure that each student feels successful at the end of their learning. This enabling my students to not only take ownership but to also become facilitators.

Music is my life’s passion. That is how I educate, live, and serve.

– Imani González


Music Recordings


Years of Experiance



Let yourself feel the music, open your mind and really listen to Imani

“IMANI has a warm, energetic unit that reaches out for one reason to connect with audiences of all ages. Their spirited sound is a captivating, infectious, and undeniable musical synergy that will become a part of you. Their array of energetic sounds embodies original compositions and classic standards to contagious world rhythms. She sings every song with her soul rooted firmly in it, and knows exactly what part of the journey it is.”

Latin American Folk Institute

“IMANI is a truly modern jazz singer – with strong roots in the past, an ear to the present and an eye on the future. If Betty Carter had done songs by Neil Young or Nine Inch Nails, she might have sounded much like IMANI, who has the chops and vision to make any tune sound like modern jazz. IMANI is a real jazz treasure.”

JazzTimes Magazine

“IMANI takes you on an evocative journey through heart and mind…an opportunity to explore one’s self and enjoy the music of the vocal artist and her musicians. Together their musical communication makes me, you; want to listen again and again, each time discovering something fresh through music born in the spirit.”


“IMANI’s magic is a sonic aura that conjures up frame after frame of evocative images that will make you say whoo!”

Spiral Octave

“IMANI’s warmth and sensitivity has an artist, and ability to project in song a wide variety of human emotions, are indicative of a truly remarkable stylist who has brought new excitement to the various idioms of jazz.”

Atlanta Jazz Festival

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